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He would like to develop a hypothesis on the parental influence on teenage risk-taking at the extreme end of the spectrum, with a focus on teenagers who sail around the world alone. Would a case study be an appropriate first step, and why or why not? Yes, because Professor Scott already knows that parents are the driving influence behind teenage circumnavigation.

No, because it will not generate a sufficient amount of data to be tested statistically. Yes, because teenage circumnavigators are rare and the data will help generate new, or possibly falsify existing, hypotheses.

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No, because case studies are too idiosyncratic and lack scientific rigor. In order to do this, you attend several fraternity parties at a large university, week after week. What method of research are you employing? Looking at a much larger group supports application of the results to the general population. Observing individuals in their natural setting without their knowledge is the most accepted form of research. Observing individuals outside of their everyday circumstances encourages candor.

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Looking at a much larger group supports hypothesis testing as well as hypothesis generation. What problem does this raise? The research may be unethical. People often behave differently when they know they are being observed.

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His sample is insufficiently representative for naturalistic observation. Study participants tend to want to appear socially appropriate. Survey participants are easy to recruit since the typical sample is small.

Discovering Psychology The Science of Mind

Survey participants are more likely to be truthful than participants of other research methods. Surveys provide insight into real-world behaviors in their natural setting. Surveys provide large amounts of data quickly and relatively inexpensively.

In which case are survey respondents least likely to shade the truth? A survey regarding personal displays of racial prejudice b. A survey regarding sexual infidelity c. A survey regarding preferences as to online news sources d. Researchers found that affluent youngsters were almost twice as likely as the poorest children in the study to have autism. What is the likely reason? Autism and the traits of high achievers lie on the same continuum. The reason is impossible to determine from this correlation. Wealthier parents tend to put off child-bearing until theyre older, which increases the risk of autism.

Poorer children have less access to diagnosis and services for autism. Which pair is most likely to have the weakest correlation? What is the third variable in this scenario?


The school shootings b. The experience of having been bullied c. The tendency to engage in aggressive behavior d.

What is the most likely explanation of this relationship? Parents of small children need to take an occasional break. The relationship is due to a third variable, population size. The relationship is due to a third variable, socio-economic status. People who regularly frequent bars often meet their life partner and procreate.

The researchers in the cited study scanned the brains of healthy seniors with no memory loss and asked the seniors to recall how much reading, writing, and game-playing they did in their childhood. The researchers found that those who reported doing daily brain activities from a young age had very low levels of amyloid plaques, which are associated with Alzheimers disease.