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May 1 - September Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, St. Solomon R. Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers. Taylor cat. Weinberg March 6 - June 7. Thomas J. Eliel and Lynn Zelevansky.

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Gonzalez cat. The Herbert F. Brunon January 29 - April 30 cat.

smon,K tapes : Midsense Vol. 3

Foto e. Harn Museum of Art at the Univ. Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art's Skowhegan Collection". Smith and Merry A. Foresta cat. Weisman Foundation" cat. A benefit exhibition for the rainforest" June 3 - June Musee St. May 2 — June Sarah Charlesworth: April 21 , special issue of C. Unwriting: Sarah Charlesworth, November 15, blog. Bomb Magazine , Sarah Charlesworth, - , July 17, The New Yorker.

A component of this includes teaching students about civil liberties. In large part, this entails learning about the Bill of Rights in the U. Constitution and a raft of court cases that, essentially, further qualify the language of each of these first ten amendments. Other students struggle. In mentally furnishing their palace, from early-on and where possible, I encourage students to proceed sequentially just as Simonides suggested.

I would then encourage students to continue making mental images about the material under study at the various stations within the Chow Hall in roughly the same order the student would visit them during an actual meal. Because the Dining Hall houses so many fixtures and places e.

My experience has also taught me something about the character of the imagery students utilize in furnishing their mind palaces. I will defer to my colleagues in the Department of Psychological Science to explain fully how memory works; I am unqualified to do so. What I will note, though, is that rather banal imagery does not seem to best promote recall. Rather, images that are garish, even grisly, or otherwise outlandish are what most readily trigger recall.

For instance, if a student were to simply visualize a copy of the constitution sitting atop the salad bar with the Second Amendment circled, it might register. The student could add further nuance to this. City of Chicago , U. While it might take a bit of time for some students to create vivid even farcical imagery like this and relate it to features in the Chow Hall, the payoff in my experience is enhanced recall.

Surely, material in other disciplines will, like civil liberties in Political Science, be ripe for study in this manner. As the collective narratives were spoken, it was not necessary to have experienced the Cuban history of repression in order to share the prosthetic memory of its legacy. According to Bruguera, the government was fully aware of the provocative nature of the performance, but they chose to project an air of liberalism in consideration of the international presence of the biennial audience.

Oh, Behave, Tania Bruguera on behavior art and breaking the rules. Something great can be done. The committee reinforced that there was no collusion between the organization and the artist in a performance that would have a politically destabilizing effect in the community. Conclusion Feminism in the context of Cuba is informed by its national history associated with trauma, violence, and hierarchies of control. The artistic practices of Mendieta and Bruguera have responded to forced dislocation and to structures of power.

Prosthetic memories circulate publicly.

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Making Face, Making Soul. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books. Araeen, R. London: Continuum International Publishing Group. Artisans in Focus: Zapotec History. Afro-Cuban Religions. Princeton: Marcus Weiner Publishers Kingston. Best, S. Bishop, C. London: Verso. Artist Statement. Transforming the Audience into Citizen. Butler, C. Phaidon Press Limited, pp.

Corry, F. Ritual, Body Technique, and Inter Subjectivity. Schilbrack Ed. New York and London: Routledge pp. Davies, C. Macalester International Vol. Durkheim, E. The Division of Labour in Society. Glencoe, Ill: Free Press. Frieze, , Hammack, P.

The Art of Memory

Narrative as Root Metaphor for Political Psychology. Hassan, S. Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, 3. Judith Butler: Live Theory. Bloomsbury Academic. Lajer-Burcharth, E. Antoni's difference contemporary artist Janine Antonine , differences. A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies.

Landsberg, A. Columbia University Press. Lara, J.

ISBN 10: 0415220467

Cuba Socialism with Globalization. Manzor, L. Manzor, Eds. Berkley: Third Woman Press.

Yates R.'s Documents

Miguel Leonardo Rojas-Sotelo, P. University of Pittsburgh Miller, I. Religious Symbolism in Cuban Political Performance. TDR, 44 2 , Mosquera, G. Theory in Contemporary Art since Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

The Communist Drama of Individuation in Lev Vygotsky | Stasis

Reanimating Ana Mendieta. Hollander, Ed. Art and Politics: Contradicitions, Disjunctives, Possibilities. Brumaria, 8, Mosquera, Gerardo. Murphy, J. Perez-Rementeria, D. Art Nexus, 7 70 , Pinto, R. A Homenaje to Tania Bruguera. Museo Laboratorio Di Arte Contemporanea.. Postmedia Srl. Fiesola, Ed. Posner, H. Tania Bruguera: On the Political Imaginary. Italy: Ed Charta. Arte al Dia International, , pp.

Reid-Bowen, P.

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  • Goddess as Nature: Towards a Philosophical Theology. Reira, S. Artist professor, Reira Studios, Habana, Cuba. Interview: February 6, Rosenblum, B. Roulet, L. Ana Mendieta as Cultural Connector with Cuba.

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      Blackwell Publishing, p. Schwartz, S. Tania Bruguera: Between Histories. Oxford Art Journal, 35 2 ,